Municipal Court


Our mission is to provide the citizens with courteous, professional, and impartial assistance within the limitations of the law.

As a result of the current corona virus (COVID-19) concern, the Brazoria Municipal Court is rescheduling all defendants set for March 17, 2020 docket that did not show are rescheduled to April 28, 2020, or APRIL 29, 2020, or April 30, 2020  at 9:00am.   You will receive a call/text message as well as a letter letting you know what date you are set for. 

We will conduct court differently for every ones protection.  When you arrive, please STAY IN YOUR CAR.  Call 979-798-2165 or 979-798-2489 ext 2 and leave your name and phone number with the clerk.  You will be added to the docket in the order you call.  The Judge will call 1 defendant at a time.  You will be kept behind protective lass for your protection and ours.  We understand court will take longer this way, but believe it is the safest way for everyone involved.  Thank you for your patience.

If you do not want/need to speak with the Judge, you can call the court at 979-798-2165 and speak with the Court Clerk to satisfy your citation.  The Clerk can help you with Deferred Disposition, Driving Safety Course, or a Payment Arrangement.  If you do not want to come into the court, most citations can be handled through email.  Please call the court and speak with the Clerk for more information.

Pre-Trial scheduled for April 8, 2020 has been moved to July 8, 2020 at 9:00am. 

We have done this for the health and well-being of our community.  If you have any questions, please contact the court at 979-798-2165 or email at   

If you would like to pay your citation online, you can visit, use pay location code of 8743, answer YES to have you entered a plea (it is an Nolo Contendere plea) and pay the fine.  Or, you can call 1-888-604-7888 and follow the same steps.  They do not know your balance of your citation.  Please contact the court if you need your balance.  

What We Handle

The Brazoria Municipal Court’s primary function is to process all Class C Criminal charges filed by the Police Department, Animal Control, Fire Marshall, and Code Enforcement Officers alleged to have occurred within the territorial limits of the City of Brazoria. Charges include the Texas Transportation Code, Penal Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Health and Safety Code, Education Code, and Brazoria Code of Ordinances.

201 South Main
Brazoria, TX  77422

Window Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Your court date is on your ticket.  If you need to re-schedule, we can make one courtesy reschedule.

Blue jeans are acceptable, but the following items are prohibited:
Shorts, Short Skirts, Tank Tops, Tube Tops, Any clothing that exposes the back and or chest area, Swim wear, Sleep wear.

Services to the Community

  • Adjudication of Class C Misdemeanors
  • Standing judicial orders for Adult offenses that may allow you to dispose of your case without appearing at an official arraignment
  • Convenient payment options with the acceptance of all major credit cards; use our Pay Location Code 8743, service fee of 3.5% applies


The Court may issue an arrest warrant when:
  • You fail to appear
  • You fail to comply with an Order of the Court
  • You fail to make scheduled payments
Fail to Appear:
If you fail to appear and have agreed to pay, make scheduled payments on a payment plan, or any other order of the court, you must comply with those orders as specified by the Judge or a Warrant may be issued for your arrest.

Arrest Warrants are issued for defendants who received a citation and/or a court date and failed to appear in Court when scheduled or fail to resolve their case prior to their court date.
If you have an Arrest Warrant (not a Capias Pro-Fine), your options are:
  • Plea Guilty or No Contest and pay in full
  • Plea Guilty or No Contest and establish a payment plan
  • Post a Bond (cash bond, surety bond) for your warrant and receive a new court date
  • Surrender yourself to the City of Brazoria Police Department located at:                                 114 E. Texas St.  Brazoria, TX  77422
Capias Pro-Fine Warrants are issued on defendants who received a citation, have been found guilty by the court, and failed to comply with orders of the court.  
If you have a Capias Pro-Fine warrant, your options are:
  • Pay in Full
  • Surrender yourself to the City of Brazoria Police Department located at:                                 114 E. Texas St.  Brazoria, TX  77422
Persons with Warrants are subject to arrest at any time.  The City of Brazoria Police Department is actively looking for you.  To avoid arrest, you must immediately resolve this matter by contacting the Brazoria Municipal Court at 979-798-2165.

Payment options for warrants issued by the City of Brazoria Municipal Court are as follows:
  • Online:  use pay location 8743 answer YES to have you entered a plea
  • Phone:  1-888-604-7888  use pay location 8743 answer YES to have you entered a plea
  • Mail:  Brazoria Municipal Court  201 S Main, Brazoria, TX  77422
  • In Person:  Brazoria Municipal Court  201 S. Main, Brazoria, TX  77422
Forms of Payment:  Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Credit/Debit Card.

All warrants are conditional upon verification from the court.  If you know of a persons whereabouts who is listed, please DO NOT attempt to apprehend them yourself.  Immediately contact the Brazoria Police Department at (979) 798-2195.
All Arrest Warrants or Affidavits made in support of the warrant are public information

Art. 15.26, C.C.P.
AUTHORITY TO ARREST MUST BE MADE KNOWN.  In executing a warrant of arrest, it shall always be made known to the accused under what authority the arrest is made.  The warrant shall be executed by the arrest of the defendant.  The officer need not have the warrant in his possession at the time of the arrest, provided the warrant was issued under the provisions of this Code, but upon request he shall then inform the defendant of the offense charged and of the fact that a warrant has been issued.  The arrest warrant, and any affidavit presented to the magistrate in support of the issuance of the warrant, is public information, and beginning immediately when the warrant is executed the magistrate's clerk shall make a copy of the warrant and the affidavit available for public inspection in the clerk's office during normal business hours.  A person may request the clerk to provide copies of the warrant and affidavit on payment of the cost of providing the copies.

Warrants updated 11-16-16

  1. Citation Guidelines
  2. Juveniles
  3. Docket Re-set
  4. Payment Plans

You may be eligible, if certain conditions are met, for a Driving Safety Course (DSC) or Deferred Disposition (DD).  The following shall apply:

  • You have a valid Texas driver's license (DSC, DD)
  • You have a valid driver's license from another state (DD)
  • You are age 17 or older
  • You were not exceeding the speed limit by more than 24 mph
  • If you are aged 17-25 additional conditions shall apply when requesting DD

You may request these deferments in person, by mail or by e-mail on or before your appearance date as stated on your citation..

One of Judge James' many outside activities is performing marriage ceremonies.  If you would like to see about Judge James performing yours just contact the court for details!