Police Department

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Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

Mission statement

The Mission of the Council and Staff of the City of Brazoria is to provide the highest level of service to our citizens at the greatest value in a manner that warrants the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity and efficiency.

history of the Brazoria police department

The community of Brazoria was founded in 1828, during this time law enforcement was virtually non-existent.  The Sheriff's Department was established in 1836 which provided law enforcement for the area.

The town of Brazoria used Sheriff Deputies and Town Watch Men to check the businesses in town for break ins and fires nightly.  In 1945 the City of Brazoria was incorporated officially as a city with a total of 9 Marshals being employed until 1973.  Then in 1973 city officials wanted to start a modern Police Force.  This was accomplished by hiring J.A Rhubottom; his first office was inside of the Brazoria Fire Department, eventually moving into the City Warehouse then into the City Hall.  In 1977 the Police Department offices were added onto the City Hall building which also housed the City Court.  In 1992 the two departments would separate into different buildings.

In 1990 the Brazoria Police Department started its first 24 Hour Police Dispatching Service and then in 1994 the new jail was added to the police building.  Today the Brazoria Police Department consist of 14 employees which are lead by the Chief of Police; they consist of 10 licensed peace officers and 4 telecommunications personnel.

Our jail facilities could hold up to 10 inmates.  Utilizing the jail is the Highway Patrol, Jones Creek Marshal and the Brazoria and Sweeny Police Departments.  Our telecommunications center not only dispatches for the police department but also for the Brazoria, Wild Peach, Jones Creek, Riversend and Sweeny Fire Departments as well as West Brazos and Sweeny EMS.

History listing of city marshal's and chief's of police

J.P. Rippe-1945
Mr. Robertson-1947
Buck Miles-1951
W.H. Buchannan, Jr.-1952
Chester Simmons-1953
P.B. Votaw-1954
Robert Foudray-1956
F.B. Clark-1958
C.L. Pitts-1960

J.A. Rhubottom-1973
Edward Eugene Smith-1978
Larry Thomas Thacker-1979
J.A. Rhubottom-1980
William Mansel-1983
Jackie K. Kinslow-1984
Theresa A. Guidry-1985
Neal B. Longbotham-1993 to current
Ofc D Moore
Jacqueline Dawnne Moore
Dispatch Supervisor Beverly Guerra
Beverly Guerra
Telecommunications Supervisor/Sgt.